Jan 27, 2013

We Did It! - dev2018

We Did It!

everyone deserves fresh produce

We Did It!

Thanks to the help of our amazing founding supporters, we have met our 2013 fundraising goal! We are thrilled to be able to build ten gardens to ten families, supplying them with a raised bed garden, soil, compost, plants, seeds, and garden tools. We will also refresh our gardens from last year with fresh compost, plants, and seeds. All of our families will receive garden coaching throughout the season to help ensure a bountiful harvest. And we could not do this without your help. Thank you!!!

Our indiegogo campaign is still live for another 11 days, so we are trying to raise another $500 to provide instructional gardening books to our families, do some project outreach, and possibly build another two gardens. If you have not had a chance to donate, there is still time to do so, and get great GardenWorks perks!

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