Apr 04, 2020

Signs of Spring

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Food Growers Blog

Food Growers Blog

It's the first week of April, and nothing brings me more joy than the first signs of Spring!

After a long, gray, Chicago winter, seeing these garden friends pop up through the mulch is a delightful reminder that warmer, greener days are right around the corner. I keep an above ground garden box exclusively for herbs, most of which are perennial herbs: I planted them once and they come back like clockwork EVERY year!  They are easy to grow, and some of the most appreciated aspects of my kitchen garden. I relish each and every one throughout the season!  Here's a little tour and how I use them in my kitchen...
Lemon Thyme:  Great in salad dressings and baked on fish.
Chives:   There's not much that isn't better with the addition of fresh chopped chives.  Even better, you snip these about an inch above the soil and they keep growing all season long.  My personal favorite use for chives is in ANY egg dish.
Oregano:  Strip the leaves off the woody stems and toss these into anything you are using with feta, like salads or baked dishes.  
Spring Onions/Scallions:  Who doesn't need onions?  Use in a salad or stir fry, don't be stingy.
Rhubarb:  Beautiful, beautiful Rhubarb! Probably the most divisive vegetable: people either LOVE it or HATE it.  I love how tart rhubarb is but all the sugar in the world cannot tame this guy for the rest of my family, so I save it for those who appreciate it! I enjoy it either as a compote or mixed with strawberries in a pie.
Flat/Italian Parsley:  A serious work horse in the kitchen garden, Flat leaf parsley can be tossed into salads, stews, or pasta dishes.  Honestly, anytime I am about to serve a store bought meal, I love to throw in a handful of chopped parsley and I can convince myself that it's homemade!
Welcome back, Spring! Here's to a delicious start to the season! 
Amanda, Programs Manager