May 24, 2012

One Done, Three to Go! - dev2018

One Done, Three to Go!

everyone deserves fresh produce

One Done, Three to Go!

Wait, one done, three to go? Didn't we say we were installing gardens for five needy families? That was our original goal, but we are having no success reaching one of our garden recipients, and it's too late in the season to add another. I hope we hear from our last family in the next few days!

We've been hard at work planning and installing our gardens. We've completed one for a family in Lombard already, and by the end of the week, another Lombard family and two in Glendale Heights will be on their way to growing their own food. I've really enjoyed meeting these families, who have been so excited and thankful to receive the gardens. I'll have another update after I've had some time to reflect on the project and what it has meant to us as a family, and get my thoughts together on future plants. I also hope to share some pictures of the garden builds once they are all complete. 

Special thanks to a wonderful donation of HUGE tomato and pepper starts from
one of my former horticulture classmates, Donna Hisson. Extra plants will be
donated to the food pantry.
Joe and our little guy building a raised bed.

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