Jul 10, 2019

Meet our new Programs Manager

Amanda Bryant takes on new role

everyone deserves fresh produce

Amanda Bryant takes on new role

The GardenWorks Project is excited to have Amanda Bryant take on a new role as Programs and Operations Manager this summer. Previously a volunteer, garden lead, coach, and board member, we are thrilled to have Amanda take on this role and further enhance the programs and services offered to clients in western Chicagoland.

Amanda Bryant has been gardening with her Mom since before she can remember. Now, she loves sharing her love of gardening with her husband, son and anyone who will listen.  Amanda began volunteering with The Gardenworks Project in 2017 and became a lead during the 2018 season, shortly before joining the board.  She earned her BA from DePaul University in International Studies and is also a registered yoga instructor.  A decade of work in the legal field has given Amanda the opportunity to refine her skills in writing, organization, and logistics which will be incredibly beneficial as she moves into her new roll as Programs and Operations Manager.  Likewise, with the ability to connect with people during challenging times in their lives that require legal assistance, Amanda hopes that she can apply that same level of compassion and service to families facing food insecurity. Being a part of The GardenWorks Project has given Amanda the great opportunity to combine her great passions:  helping people become more empowered with their bodies and the way that they feel while also helping  them become more connected to their food and its source.

Amanda's contact information is [email protected]

(images include her current garden at home)