May 06, 2012

May Thanks - dev2018

May Thanks

everyone deserves fresh produce

May Thanks

Things are rolling along with our project to help five needy families grow their own food. I've met with four families so far, and they are such wonderful people. I am really delighted to have met them and help them grow fresh veggies this summer. The next step is to start building the gardens, which we will begin this week. Thanks to those that are volunteering to help!

Special thanks also to Britny King, who generously donated five copies of Square Foot Gardening to our five families. These instructional books, along with help from a volunteer mentor, will ensure that our families are successful in their first year. Thanks also to Donna Hisson, who is growing tomatoes and peppers from seed for our families, Cathy DiMarchi for tomato cages, and to Home Depot of Carol Stream who donated a gift card that will be used for wood and other supplies. Many thanks to you all!

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