Feb 17, 2013

I Can Grow Vegetables! A Coloring and Activity Book - dev2018

I Can Grow Vegetables! A Coloring and Activity Book

everyone deserves fresh produce

I Can Grow Vegetables! A Coloring and Activity Book

Tending to a vegetable garden is a great way to teach kids how plants grow and where food comes from. And we are convinced that kids will be more adventurous with new foods at the dinner table if they had a part in growing the food. Even though we can't get kids out into the garden just yet (at least not here in Chicago), we can start teaching them to grow food. 

I Can Grow Vegetables! is a coloring and activity book created to teach kids about plants and how they grow. Ten illustrations and five activities are included in this 18 page, 8.5"x11" book. It will be provided to all of the children whose families receive gardens this year from GardenWorks, and now your kids can enjoy it too! Just use the link below to order I Can Grow Vegetables! for $1.99 using PayPal, and a PDF copy will be sent to your email inbox. You can then print it out for the kid in your life, and foster a lifelong love of gardening while helping GardenWorks do the same for kids in need.

Special Advertising Opportunity!

We are looking for a business or an individual to sponsor the printing of this coloring book for our garden recipients, and also to sell as a GardenWorks fundraiser at area events. For a donation of $400, we will place a half-page advertisement on the back cover. Contact us for more information on this special advertising opportunity!

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