Jul 02, 2019

Hot Pepper Challenge Makes a Fiery Return!

Raise Funds for GardenWorks

everyone deserves fresh produce

Raise Funds for GardenWorks

Hot Pepper Challenge Makes a Fiery Return in Summer 2019


The GardenWorks Project is fighting hunger with fire for the third year in a row! We are excited to kick off this year's Hot Pepper Challenge, a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign started to raise awareness about the organization's mission to fight hunger through gardening. What better way to show your commitment than to display your HOT harvest eats on camera?

The GardenWorks Project invites you to join us in the third annual Hot Pepper Challenge! We are committed to improving the well-being of our community through organic suburban agriculture and creating sustainability to those who face food insecurity. The Hot Pepper Challenge was born with the intent to empathize how living with food insecurity is impactful to our community. When you eat a hot pepper, you feel uncomfortable for a temporary period of time. For those living with food insecurity, that feeling lingers for months and can be extremely stressful on a family. 

Feel free to be unique with your video. You can visit our Facebook page to see our very own Jeannie Iseman, Executive Director, in her video from last years challenge HERE! We also have a general script you can use. Please follow this link.

For more information about The GardenWorks Project and how to get involved, visit gardenworksproject.org.