Fresh Food Connect

everyone deserves fresh produce

What is Fresh Food Connect?

Fresh Food Connect helps us connect food insecure residents with fresh produce from backyard gardens and local farms. The GardenWorks Project has joined forces with this national non-profit organization in pursuit of a more local, resilient food system.

Your extra produce and herbs will go directly to local food pantries, where fresh and healthy options aren’t always available.  Once you sign up, The GardenWorks Project will update you on which pantries have the biggest need, so you know exactly where to donate your bounty!

Farmers and backyard growers all welcome!

How can I participate?

Ready to donate extra produce to your neighbors? Here’s how to sign up:


Want help to make your garden thrive?

Join our Food Growers Network and your $25 membership will provide you with high quality seeds, discounted organic seedlings/plants, and educational resources to help you have the most productive growing (and giving) season yet! 

Want to learn how to grow a giving garden this year? Visit our resource page for more information.

Want to make an even bigger impact?

The success of our mission to improve the well being of our local community depends on people like you! Help us expand our reach and further nourish our neighbors in need:

Contact us to learn more!

We are excited to partner with Fresh Food Connect and grateful to share your backyard bounty! 

Download the Fresh Food Connect App and learn more about The GardenWorks Project today!

Other Local Partnerships

The GardenWorks Project has partnered with several local farms to harvest excess produce and recover potential food waste. GardenWorks volunteers gleaned over 1500 pounds of produce in 2021 from local farmers, Mighty Greens Farm and Stojan's Vegetables. The Palomares and Stojan families have consistently donated produce for local food pantries from their fields over the years, and GardenWorks' volunteers helped to reach even more impact.


"I invited the GardenWorks team to glean some of our excess produce, as they show enthusiasm to work together, and they have a wonderful mission in helping benefit those struggling to make ends meet, or don't have the opportunity to receive local produce. The Stojan family feels blessed that this excess produce benefits others and thus less food waste as well."