Sep 10, 2019

Announcing Food Readers Book Club

GardenWorks Food Readers

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GardenWorks Food Readers

GardenWorks Food Readers Book Club

GardenWorks Food Readers Book Club

The GardenWorks Project announces Chicagoland's first book club dedicated to food systems, food security, and the environment


WEST CHICAGO, Ill., September 11 – The GardenWorks Project is launching the Chicago suburb’s first book club focused on food security, environmental stewardship, and local food systems.

The GardenWorks Project Food Readers Club aims to educate the community about issues of food security and health through quarterly book discussions and to inspire community members to get involved in the local food system. 

“Educating food growers of all levels of experience is a key part of The GardenWorks Projects’ mission,” says Executive Director Jeannie Iseman. “The Food Readers Club adds to our educational offerings and gives our community another way to get involved with our mission.”

The first book The GardenWorks Project Food Readers Club will read is Animal, Vegetable Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver. A group meeting and discussion will take place from 6:00 – 7:30 pm on Monday, November 4, 2019 at Prairie Path Books in Wheaton.

 "Prairie Path Books is lucky to have an event space next to our bookstore, and it is our mission to fill it with community gatherings like this one - inclusive, informative offerings for inquiring and open minds,” says Sandy Koropp, co-owner of Prairie Path Books. “I’m proud to host this book club.”

Interested parties can register for the first event at The book can be purchased on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble, with a limited supply available at Prairie Path Books.

“The GardenWorks Project was founded with a vision to nourish those in need and educate the community of the hidden realities of hunger and food insecurity,” Iseman says. “We hope this book club can be a safe and lively venue to begin the critical discussions about food security, community engagement and environmental stewardship.”

Moderating the group is committed volunteer and community member, Morgan Abate. Morgan is a cross-cultural communicator focused on telling stories that spread awareness of poverty, hunger and health. She has moderated groups and workshops in Ecuador, Honduras, Illinois, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, mostly with children, high school students and young adults. For the past three years, Morgan has worked in the Chicagoland area in development and community engagement roles for hunger-relief organizations. Currently, she works as the grant writer for People’s Resource Center.


The Food Readers Organization believes that food system book clubs and community building are the ingredients needed to produce awareness and knowledge which act as the counterbalance to the misconceptions found in our food system. Their mission is to work alongside our organizers to develop and promote Food Readers book club chapters across the nation and world. Learn more at