Jul 14, 2017

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ED Transition Announcement

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ED Transition Announcement

July 14, 2017, St.Charles, IL - The GardenWorks Project announced today that it is beginning a transition of Executive Director leadership. Tina Koral, the founder and current Executive Director, will be stepping down from her position this fall. Tina will join the Board, where she will continue to provide support for the new ED, as well as help the organization with fundraising, marketing and many other activities that leverage her deep experience and relationships in the area.

"I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to do since we started the Project in 2012," says Koral. "With our wonderful volunteers and our Board of Directors, we've done a great job at growing our programs and services over the years. I think the time has come when the organization would benefit from a fresh voice and leadership. I am excited for the new ideas and impact someone new can make, and I look forward to working with a new ED to get them up to speed so they can lead our 2018 programs."

Under Tina’s leadership, 214 families facing food insecurity in DuPage County have received home vegetable gardens. Of those, 82 were built in the spring of this year, which illustrates both the growing need in our community and the growing support from our volunteers and donors. Tina was also instrumental in launching several new programs to combat food insecurity and promote organic suburban agriculture, including support for community gardens, teaching gardens and a tool lending library.

"Tina has been an inspiration to all of us," says David Rhodes, President. "It’s going to be an adjustment not having her at the helm day-to-day, but we’re thrilled to welcome Tina to our board. We’re excited to meet candidates for the Executive Director position, and are eager to learn how they can bring a new and unique perspective to our growing organization."

View full responsibilities of and qualifications for the Executive Director role, and application instructions. 


About The GardenWorks Project

The GardenWorks Project is a registered 501c3 non-profit, volunteer-led organization founded in 2012 to serve the DuPage County, IL area. Our mission is to empower, educate, and promote organic suburban agriculture to improve the wellbeing of our community, the environment, and families facing food insecurity.

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