Apr 09, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Everyone deserves fresh produce

everyone deserves fresh produce

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Over the last month, we have been inundated with messages from individuals looking to build gardens.

One man called the other day, saying he is “desperate for food”. Two families called this week inquiring about GardenWorks after having been laid off. There are many immunosuppressed individuals that have to make compromises on nutritional health over safety.

Food access and security are at the forefront of conversations and media attention as social distancing mandates continue to isolate and stress our community. At The GardenWorks Project, we are committed to our mission to empower, educate and support food growers of all levels to feed themselves and their community, especially now as more families nationwide turn to food growing as a way to heal, maintain a healthy diet and have access to fresh produce. Our role in the fight against hunger and food insecurity in our region is more critical now than ever before.

We WILL build gardens for our clients this spring. While we are making changes to adjust to this new normal of social distancing, we are working even harder to achieve these goals in light of these challenges. We are “teaching a man to fish” through this practical and useful empowerment tool. 

We will share our resources with EVERYONE. We want EVERYONE to grow a garden, following our motto that “Everyone deserves fresh produce”. Our Food Growers Network and our educational resources this spring and summer will focus on driving new individuals towards food growing, and in light of social distancing and sheltering in place, we will support you with additional electronic resources.

We will inspire a team of charitable and community-minded supporters. Our volunteers not only learn how to garden through our educational events and trainings--they are learning how to give back to the community. We teach our clients and volunteers how to produce a garden that is prolific, productive, and effective. We hope to saturate food pantries, many of which have experienced a significant decline in donations from their retail partners, with a harvest of plenty from home gardeners connected with us.

You can make a difference. Right. Now.  It’s not too late to grow a garden this year--in fact, it’s the perfect time to start! We will be with you every step of the way, publishing weekly blog posts (like this one by stellar volunteer Lisa or the most recent post by our Programs Manager, Amanda) that will help you get your yard ready to garden, and launching educational step-by-step videos via a new YouTube channel. As the seasons change and your gardens grow, we’ll be creating and sharing other resources that we hope inspire you feed your families, sustain your neighborhoods and give back through the simple act of food growing. 

EVERYONE DESERVES FRESH PRODUCE, and with your support, energy and commitment to do good, we will make a  difference in the lives of our families. Stay connected with us: sign up for our newsletter; pre-order seedlings with us; join the Food Growers Network for exclusive content and resources. If you can, consider making a gift to provide garden supplies through our #GivingDuPage fundraiser or becoming a fundraiser for GardenWorks. We will give you updates on our builds, resources and more as the weeks progress. We look forward to building a community of food growers working together to improve food access and food security together. Let’s get digging!