Dec 18, 2015

A Holiday Wish - dev2018

A Holiday Wish

everyone deserves fresh produce

A Holiday Wish

Dear Santa,

We have been very good this year! Our volunteers built 40 new home vegetable for families facing food-insecurity in the DuPage County area. It was an incredible experience to build these gardens with the families, especially the kids who were so excited to play in the dirt and learn how to grow food in their own backyard! And while it didn’t really feel like work, because most of our volunteers live to garden, it was also challenging.


You see, the compost that was generously donated by Midwest Groundcovers was stored at a volunteer’s house in St. Charles. We bought most of our soil in Glen Ellyn and West Chicago, and our plants were cared for at another volunteer’s house in Glen Ellyn. Our clients lived all over DuPage County and beyond – from Elgin to Naperville, to Downers Grove, Aurora and Glendale Heights. I’m sure, since you deliver toys all over the world in one night that you understand our logistical challenges!

Now, we love to dream big here at The GardenWorks Project. Without big dreams we never would have started at all! So, now our dream is to have a place of our own - a little building somewhere in central DuPage County where we could store soil and compost deliveries, hold educational meetings for our clients and the public, grow display gardens where we could teach families in need how to grow organic produce for their families, and maybe even have a free seed store and tool lending library. A place where volunteers could pick up garden build supplies, receive garden coach training, and even teach yoga in the garden to our clients!

We know it’s a big dream, and we are working hard to make it happen one day. In the meantime, we are hoping that one of our volunteers, donors, or fans know of a place that we could use as a staging area for our materials during the spring and summer months surrounding our garden builds. The logistics surrounding soil deliveries are our most challenging, so we can put the other parts of our big dream on hold while we focus on this temporary fix. This place would ideally be located in central DuPage County with easy access to major streets like Roosevelt Road or North Avenue. It would be a secure location where we could store a large quantity of bagged soil, compost, and lumber, but accessible to our volunteers for pickups.

When you’re out delivering toys this year, could you look around for a spot that might make our work easier? We plan to build 50 new gardens in 2016, so it would really help to have all of our garden build supplies in one space! I know you’re busy, but see what you can do, Santa!


The GardenWorks Project