Gardening and Community Resources

The University of Illinois Extension website has lots of information about best vegetable growing practices tailored specifically for Illinois. Below is a list of particularly helpful pages for Illinois gardeners.


Vegetable Gardening Basics

Tips on Growing Specific Vegetables

Growing Cool Season Vegetables in the Fall

How to plan your organic garden




The GardenWorks Project is just one of many area organizations involved in the fight to end hunger and/or support the sustainable food movement.

Information about Obtaining Seeds and Plants with SNAP

PDF copy of Leanne Brown's "Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 a Day"

GardenWorks Food Pantry Partners
- Our network of over thirty food pantries and social services organizations that help us connect with families facing food insecurity.

Community Hunger Network - A network of emergency food providers working to provide quality food and nutrition to those in need. Includes a list of all food pantries in DuPage County.

DuPage County Community Gardens - A comprehensive list of community gardens in DuPage County.

DuPage County Social Services Directory

Backyard Chickens - Advocating for DuPage County-Wide Allowance of Backyard Poultry. A comprehensive list of areas that allow chickens and resources to assist those looking to have them in your area.