How Disney's Little Einsteins Influenced The GardenWorks Project

Sometimes, inspiration comes to us in strange ways. And back in 2011, when I was formalizing the idea of The GardenWorks Project, inspiration came in the form of a toddler cartoon. My daughter, Averie, was just three years old, and was obsessed with Disney’s Little Einsteins. I loved the show too, not only because the characters were so darn cute, but because it teaches kids the basics of music.

One episode, “Farmer Annie,” was a favorite of both Averie and me. It featured the Little Einsteins in a garden and explained four things needed for a plant to grow – seeds, water, sunlight and love. At the time, I was struggling to come up with a concept idea for the organization’s logo, and while watching that episode, you probably could have seen the lightbulb illuminate over my head. It was perfect! Seeds (plants), water, sunlight, and love – concepts that could easily be communicated graphically. And while the heart symbol in the cartoon signified the care a grower must give a seed to get it to grow, for me it symbolized the love we should show to our neighbors who need it most.

Below is a link to the episode. Watch it, show your kids if you’ve got little ones, and see if it inspires you!

Little Einsteins “Farmer Annie”