2018 Garden Builds


Thank you to all of our volunteers this season! 

In 2018 we empowered and educated 368 new individuals so that they can learn the gardening skills necessary to provide their families with healthy meals. Our clients, all DuPage County residents who rely on food pantries, received a 4’ x 8’ raised bed garden, soil, compost, seedlings, seeds and gardening tools, and one-on-one coaching by an experienced home vegetable gardener.

We also promote self-sufficiency and good stewardship of the Earth by introducing our new clients to composting, seed starting, and garden vegetable preparation and cooking.

Mission Statement
The GardenWorks Project empowers, educates, and promotes organic suburban agriculture to improve the wellbeing of our community, the environment, and families facing food insecurity. We support all gardeners in their efforts to grow and prepare food for themselves and their neighbors in need.

Almost 40% of our funding comes from individual supporters. Please consider making a donation to support our work.

Support your local food pantries by donating your excess homegrown produce. The GardenWorks Project Food Growers Network provides you with education and support so that you can grow for yourself and others who rely on food pantries for their basic food needs.

Corporate Sponsors
Download our 2018 Corporate Sponsorship Packet to learn more about how your business can support our work, and how you can provide team building volunteer experiences for your staff.

Community Partners
Our 28 community partners, all food pantries and local social service providers, help us to identify families who are both in need of food assistance and want to learn how to increase their self-sufficiency by growing their own food at home. Learn more...

Educational Opportunities
Each year the GardenWorks Project offers presentations on a range of gardening topics, from organic gardening, to composting, to healthy meal preparation. Check out our Events page to see where you can get together with fellow gardening enthusiasts to learn something new.

The GardenWorks Project Annual Gratitude Report
How much have we grown since our first garden builds in 2012? What communities have we served? What companies supported our work? Find out by downloading our 2017 Annual Gratitude Report.

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